5.1 : Delivery conditions

Products will be delivered to the address indicated by the Customer on its order, FROD’S DISTRIBUTION reserving the right to choose the most suitable method of transport according to the destination, weight and/or volume of the Products. FROD’S DISTRIBUTION reserves the right to deliver several Products on several occasions, at no additional cost to the Customer.

5.2. Delivery times

The timescales within which the Products are provided to the carrier are between 2 (two) working days minimum and 12 (twelve) working days maximum following conclusion of the sales contract, under the conditions set out at Article 3.2 herein. Any delay of the above-mentioned timescale shall not constitute contractual breach by FROD’S DISTRIBUTION, and therefore the Customer does not have the right to cancel the sale, refuse delivery or claim damages from FROD’S DISTRIBUTION. Deliveries are generally made by the carrier within a maximum period of 10 (ten) working days from final conclusion of the sales contract.

5.3 : Delivery terms - acceptance

Customers must be present for delivery. If the Customer is not present, the parcel will be returned to FROD’S DISTRIBUTION. It is understood that FROD’S DISTRIBUTION will not pay the dispatch charges if the Customer requests re-delivery.

It is the Customer's responsibility to ascertain the quantity, quality and compliance of the parcels delivered for their acceptance, in the presence of the delivery person. Any anomalies in delivery (damage, product on the delivery note but not delivered, damaged parcel, broken products etc.) must be noted on the carrier's delivery note in the form of detailed, dated, explicit handwritten reservations, together with the Customer's signature. It is agreed that the words "subject to unpacking", not expressly mentioning the noted anomaly, may not be interpreted as a handwritten reservation. The Customer must notify this anomaly to the carrier at the same time by sending, within 2 (two) working days of delivery, a recorded delivery letter with receipt acknowledgement detailing the said claims. The Customer must also send a copy of this letter (together with the "anomaly statement" obtained from the carrier, where appropriate) by ordinary mail to: FROD’S DISTRIBUTION - 2, Route de Breteuil - 27180 ARNIERE SUR ITON.

Non-compliant or damaged parcels must be immediately refused and the carrier is responsible for returning them to FROD’S DISTRIBUTION's premises. The costs of returning Products noted as defective by the Customer will be reimbursed by FROD’S DISTRIBUTION, provided that the anomaly notified by the Customer is ascertained to exist. Any claim not made according to the above rules and within the specified deadlines may not be taken into account and FROD’S DISTRIBUTION will be released from its liability towards the Customer.