The Manufacturing

We want the best for our brand : Frod’s Lunetterie.

The French manufacter have an exceptional knowledge.

Do you know that the French Optical sector is the best one ?

And that the most part of the Creative Brands and the Luxury Brand make their frames in France ?

To have the best quality, we made the decision to make our Cellulose Acetate in France too.


Do you know that Cellulose Acetate is the Roll Royce of the « plastic ». And this is an ecologic material too.

The flour of Cellulose Acetate is make with cotton and alcohol.


We created with our parteners, a concept of colorization with colouring agents food. Infect, our plate of Cellulose Acetate are making by friction and without solvent.

Each color ris unique.


Our partners were selected only on their gratitude in term of skills.

They make part of the Elite

For Frod’s Lunetterie, no compromise on the quality.

Have a look on our procution.